Pruning a Juniper Shrub

Pruning a juniper shrub is a simple process that can produce beautiful results. Pruning helps to encourage dense, healthy growth. You can use a large piece of cardboard to create a template to cut the juniper shrub in the desired shape. This will help ensure uniformity throughout the entire tree.

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In winter

Pruning a juniper shrub requires careful planning. Young shoots appear in late spring and should be pruned as necessary.

During this time, there is less work to be done than on older, established trees. However, if you don’t prune regularly, it will soon grow dense and create a pillow-like shape.

In spring

Pruning a juniper shrub requires some planning. Ideally, you want to prune it in early spring. But you also need to be careful not to over-prune it.

Too much pruning can cause the plant to die off. The right amount of pruning will encourage bushy growth and keep the plant healthy.

In fall

Pruning juniper shrubs is an important part of maintaining their health. Pruning should be performed every two months to maintain the plant’s shape and size. Pruning junipers can be done in a number of different ways. One popular method is niwaki pruning.

This technique involves cutting back branches at a 12 to 15 inch interval from the trunk. Once this initial cut is made, a second cut should be made a few inches past it. Lastly, the last cut should be made outside the branch collar.

In early spring

Pruning your juniper shrub is an important task for the spring season. It is a good idea to prune it at this time as it has young shoots that need to be cut back.

Pruning young shoots isn’t too difficult as they’re soft and easy to manage. However, you should keep in mind that they quickly grow to become dense and pillow-like.

In late fall

Juniper shrubs need regular pruning. You should prune them once or twice a year, but you should avoid pruning too much.

The main goal is to keep the plant compact. Many people also choose to perform a style of pruning called “niwaki pruning,” which takes several years to master and requires a lot of attention.

In early winter

When pruning a juniper shrub, prune the main branches of the shrub to maintain an even shape and reduce the number of side branches.

Young shoots are easy to prune because they are soft, but they will eventually become dense and form a pillow.