How to Charge For Bush Trimming?

Depending on your services and the number of bushes you cut, you can calculate the cost of bush trimming in one of two ways. The first method involves calculating a dollar amount per bush. This method is simple to use and requires you to make a list of all the bushes and multiply the number by the dollar amount. However, you must also consider the size of the bush and the type of bush to arrive at a proper estimate. 

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Cost of bush trimming 

The cost of bush trimming varies widely. Some contractors charge by the bush while others charge an hourly rate based on local rates. The size of the bush also impacts the time it takes to perform the task. If you don’t know how long it will take to cut down your bushes, you can estimate the cost by determining their volume. 

The amount you pay for bush trimming can range from around USD 6 to USD 15 per bush. If you hire a premium contractor, they can charge as much as USD 90 an hour. This varies from contractor to contractor and is often based on the size of your property and the number of bushes you want to trim. 

The time it takes to trim a shrub 

If you want to maintain a healthy shrub, you should consider pruning it regularly. Shrubs should be pruned every six to 12 inches to promote healthy growth and encourage lateral branches. The best time to prune a shrub is in the spring when new growth starts to appear. You should prune to the base of the plant or the ground if the shrub has grown too large. For seriously overgrown shrubs, you can prune off as much as a third of the old stems. In this way, you will keep the plant’s natural form. 

While spring and fall are ideal times for pruning, you can also prune shrubs anytime throughout the year. Usually, it is recommended to prune a shrub twice a year, but this is too much for most properties. Shrubs grow rapidly and can become an eyesore if they are not pruned regularly. 

Taxes and license charges are not included in the price 

The cost of bush trimming depends on where you want the work done and how much the contractor charges. More difficult bushes, such as those near a structure or those in a landscape bed, will cost more. Contractors who charge by the bush may also charge more than those who charge by the hour. 

The amount of tax due will depend on the normal retail price charged by the landscaper and the applicable tax rate where the product is installed. You can find your local tax rates on the Tax Bulletin Use Tax for Businesses (PDF). 

Cost of debris hauled away after bush trimming 

When you decide to have a tree or bush trimmed, you will have to consider the debris cleanup. The size of the tree or bush will determine the amount of debris needed to clean up afterward. A bigger tree will require more cleanup, so you should plan accordingly. A professional company can come to your home and haul away the debris for a flat fee of twenty to one hundred dollars. 

Some landscaping contractors will charge an additional fee for the debris they leave behind after bush trimming. This fee can add up to twenty or thirty dollars to the price of your bush trimming. This amount will depend on the size of the debris and the contractor’s ability to pay the dump fees. If you plan to have your bush trimming service done regularly, you can negotiate a lower rate.