Premier Land Services, Florida Limited Liability Company 

Premier Land Services performs a variety of construction services including light excavation, site preparation, and fire fuel reduction. Their expert team is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure your construction project goes as smoothly as possible. They also provide site surveys to make sure you have a land plot that meets your specifications. Regardless of the size of your project, they have the skills and expertise to complete the job on time and on budget. 

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Site preparation 

Site preparation is a crucial part of any construction project. It ensures that the land you’re building on meets building codes and will prevent problems later on. This process includes removing natural obstacles from the site, such as bedrock, rocks, uneven surfaces, trees, and their roots. When completed properly, the site will be ready for construction to begin. 

Premier Land Services also offers forestry mulching, which involves cutting down trees and spreading mulch over the forest floor. This service is commonly used to clear land for new construction and reforestation, as well as to manage vegetation and promote a resilient environment. 

Fire fuel reduction 

Fire fuel reduction projects are an important component of forest management and can reduce the severity and intensity of wildfires. In the Intermountain West, fuel reduction techniques include thinning followed by prescribed burning. These methods reduce the amount of fuel in the forest and can reduce fire intensity and damage to property for up to 10 years. However, the effectiveness of these treatments decreases with time. If your forest contains shrubs and understory trees, it may require annual treatments to maintain the reduction effects. 

Premier Land Services offers a variety of services to manage fire hazards, including fire fuel reduction. Their project managers will evaluate the area’s hazards and recommend corrective actions. They can also help with site preparation and grading projects. All of these services are offered at competitive rates. They can also customize a project to meet the unique needs of your site. 

Light excavation 

Landscaping and light excavation are two of the most common tasks that Premier Land Services completes. This company also provides fire fuel reduction, grading, and site preparation services. They offer competitive rates and can customize their services to meet your needs. If you’ve got a half-acre lot or more, land clearing may be one of your most important tasks. This includes removing overgrown trees, shrubs, and debris. 


Land grading is an important task that can significantly affect the success of new development. Properly graded land can prevent problems such as washouts, potholes, and root rot. Poorly graded land can also lead to costly repair bills. Additionally, improperly graded land can adversely affect the value of a property. 

Grading involves sloping the land to allow for better water drainage. This helps prevent flooding, which can depress property values. It also creates a smooth surface, which reduces the need for dits. The cost of grading varies, depending on the size of the project and the terrain. Large projects will cost more than small ones. 

Florida Limited Liability Company 

Premier Land Services, Florida Limited Liability Company is an active company in the state of Florida. Its registered number is L21000173882 and its address is 4500 Papaya Street, Cocoa, Florida, 32926. Premier Land Services, Florida Limited Liability Company was formed on April 14, 2021 and has been running for two years. There are two active principals in this company.