What Is Grading Land? 

When it comes to land preparation, one of the most important things to do is grade your land properly. This will ensure that it drains properly and prevents erosion or runoff. Grading your land can also increase its value. Learn more about grading. Here are a few important tips: 

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Re-shaping the land involves moving dirt and adding soil. Professional landscape design and construction teams will move dirt and spread topsoil in the right places. Depending on the type of project, the re-shape may require a number of steps, including excavation, sloping, and drainage systems. 

Re-shaping land can improve the health of plants and protect your property from water damage. Properly grading land can also prevent erosion problems, which can cause costly repair costs. In addition, improper grading can lead to the need for additional drainage systems. 

Erosion control 

Erosion control is an important part of any grading plan. This process involves minimizing the amount of soil disturbance, which may be costly and harmful. Luckily, many techniques can help you prevent soil erosion, including the use of cover and vegetation on bare soil. Cutting Edge Landscaping specializes in grading and erosion control. We also offer water management services and corrective drainage solutions. We prioritize environmental responsibility in our work. 

Before starting any grading project, the best way to prevent soil erosion is to draw up an erosion control plan. This plan should be based on accurate and detailed surveys. It should also indicate the extent of the disturbance area and the slopes that will be used. The plan should also include any auxiliary practices like retaining walls, grass-lined swales, lined ditches, and detention ponds. 


The cost of grading land is based on many variables. The type of project, size of property, soil type, and permits all factor into the cost. Larger properties require more equipment and labor. They may also be difficult to grade, especially if large structures and fences need to be removed. 

Land grading is essential before you can build on it. The process involves scraping the land from a higher elevation, reclaiming the dirt, and leveling it. The cost of this procedure can range anywhere from $17,400 to $43,600 per acre. The amount of fill dirt needed will depend on the site’s characteristics and the slope’s steepness.