Stump grinders 

When you need to clear land, you’ll need to get a stump grinder. These machines are used to grind down stumps to a few inches below ground level. Typically, the industry standard is to grind stumps down until there is no more tree trunk showing. Some trees, such as sycamore and cottonwood, have deeper trunks than others, and this will dictate the depth of the stump that must be ground down. If you’re unsure of the tree’s exact stump depth, ask an arborist to help you determine the proper machine to use. 

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Stump grinders come in handy for a variety of reasons. First, they can be used to clear the land of trees. Stumps that are growing in small planting holes may need to be removed. Additionally, they may be growing close to structures and may cause damage to them. If you’re grinding a stump that’s growing near a structure, it’s important to check for any underground utilities. 


A tractor is a tool needed for clearing land. There are different types of tractors, and each one is designed to handle a different task. Land clearing involves clearing the land of trees and other vegetation. This task is commonly done by landscaping companies, but it can also be done by homeowners. 

Tractors used for clearing land are usually large, heavy tractors. They are able to clear land of up to 100 acres. They come in a variety of horsepower levels and can be fitted with a variety of attachments. Most tractors have a front-loader attachment, but you may also need a backhoe or a fork for larger jobs. 


Backhoes are multi-purpose machines that are necessary for clearing land, building fences, digging holes, and much more. These machines are available in several sizes to suit different jobs. Many of these machines are equipped with a variety of attachments, including rippers, augers, sweepers, and hydraulic hammers. 

Some backhoes have hydraulic cylinders and quick return loading, which makes them incredibly efficient. A quick return loader means you can move the loader faster, reducing the overall time spent digging. You can also install an optional E-stick to increase the reach and dig depth of the backhoe. 

Mini excavators 

Mini excavators are versatile pieces of equipment that are ideal for clearing land and moving heavy loads. These machines are also helpful in preparing land for crop or livestock production. Their compact size and low weight make them excellent for small-scale agricultural operations. These machines are also a great addition to your fleet. 

Mini excavators can also be used for demolition and landscaping projects. The machines have similar functionality to excavators, but they are smaller in size and can be maneuvered easily into tight spaces. 

Forestry mulchers 

Forested land can be cleared quickly and efficiently using forestry mulching. This process uses vegetation to prevent erosion and add nutrients to the soil. It’s also an eco-friendly method that can be used in both dense and soft areas. Unlike other land-clearing processes, this technique doesn’t burn the land and leaves the roots intact. 

The process of forestry mulching involves the use of a mulching machine to remove mass amounts of trees. In addition to clearing land, mulching machines are also useful for clearing right-of-way areas. Such clearing projects usually involve the removal of unwanted trees, underbrush, and weeds from large areas set aside for transportation.